Storage Class Memory (SCM)

Designed for Speed: A Low-Latency, High-Performance Storage Class Memory (SCM) Solution

Recognizing the growing demand for a flexible and affordable Storage Class Memory (SCM) solution, KIOXIA developed XL-FLASH, an extremely low-latency, high-performance flash memory. XL-FLASH is designed to address the performance gap that currently exists between volatile memories such as DRAM and current flash memory. Like any flash memory, XL-FLASH has the ability to retain data when disconnected from its power source. KIOXIA has announced the launch of the second generation of XL-FLASH with MLC function.

Built with KIOXIA's BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory technology, XL-FLASH was designed to help data centers, cloud providers and enterprises meet the needs of increasingly demanding applications. Easy to manage and scale, XL-FLASH features a 128 gigabit (Gb) die for SLC / 256 gigabit (Gb) die for MLC (in a 2-die, 4-die, 8-die package), a 4kB page size for more efficient operating system reads and writes, fast page read and program times, and a read latency of less than 5 microseconds.

Key Features of KIOXIA XL-FLASH Storage Class Memory

  • 16-plane architecture for improved latency
  • Compatible flash memory protocol/package
  • Fast page read and program time
  • High cell reliability
  • Scalable BiCS FLASH™ 3D technology
  • 4KB page size for more efficient operating system reads and writes
  • 128Gb die (SLC) / 256Gb die (MLC) (2-die, 4-die, 8-die package - available now)

XL-FLASH Key Technology

High Performance, Low Latency Solution

XL-FLASH has a unique 16-plane architecture for improved latency. Unlike conventional flash memory products, the word and bit lines are addressed in short dimension and optimized for the circuit structure—dramatically reducing read/write latency.

High Cell Reliability

 XL-FLASH is designed with high cell reliability flash memory to support write intensive applications.

Easy to Manage

XL-FLASH uses a standard interface and operation compatible with existing flash memory protocols and products.

XL-FLASH Key Applications

Storage Server

Cloud Server / Edge Server

Automation / Digital Healthcare / Transportation / Surveillance / Robot / Drone / Security / Digital Signage / Networking (5G area network) / PoS (Point of Sales)

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Capacity Part Number Technology Cell Operating Temperature (°C) Package Status
32GB TH58LJG8SA4BA4C BiCS FLASH™ SLC 0 to 70 132Ball BGA



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